madagascar vanilla

from the land of lemurs comes the world's best vanilla

madagascar vanilla
organic milk & cream
usda certified organic
  • Quart

    32 oz
  • Pint

    16 oz
  • Single

    5 oz
  • Serving Size: 1/2 cup (85g)
  • Calories190
  • Calories from Fat110
  • Total Fat12g
  • Saturated Fat7g
  • Trans Fat0g
  • Cholesterol60mg
  • Sodium45mg
  • Total Carbohydrate17g
  • Dietary Fiber0g
  • Sugars17g
  • Protein3g

organic milk, organic cream, organic cane sugar, organic egg yolks, organic nonfat milk, organic vanilla extract.

The Story

For the real scoop on Three Twins’ flavors, we went straight to the source: Founding Twin Neal Gottlieb. Here’s what he says about our classic, Madagascar Vanilla.

Madagascar Vanilla is our vanilla, but it is far from just vanilla. No, no, no. There is nothing plain or boring or decidedly mediocre about this vanilla. But, before we get to vanilla, let's have a look at Three Twins Ice Cream's base.

Our base is so simple and so good. We use milk, cream, sugar and eggs. And that's it. You won't find any corn syrup or seaweed derivatives here, or anything else ridiculous, for that matter. We use those four ingredients and only those four ingredients, because we believe that those are the only ingredients an ice cream base should ever have.

The Madagascar Vanilla that we use is certified organic and supplied by the good folks of Nielsen-Massey. That is a vanilla company – not a chemical company, as is so often the case. You might recognize Nielsen-Massey as the fancy-schmancy vanilla that's sold in the Williams-Sonoma catalog, where it comes in little bottles and costs substantial sums of money. It is truly great vanilla that never disappoints.

We’re not sure how vanilla got a reputation as the Plain Jane of the food world. Vanilla is no simple thing. In fact, it contains more than 2,000 individual flavor compounds that contribute to that wondrous flavor. 2,000. That's more friends than you have on Facebook. A lot more. We flavor our Madagascar Vanilla based on taste, not cost. This important distinction is, sadly, often lacking in the food business – organic foods or otherwise. This means that we not only buy the good stuff from Nielsen-Massey, but that we also use lots of it.

As the guy who came up with the recipe, I, of course, love the taste of our Madagascar Vanilla. The trait that I am most proud of, however, is its flawless texture. I'm really not much of a braggart, but our vanilla is so impossibly smooth and delightful that it still leaves me in awe. Fun fact: When I opened the first Three Twins scoop shop in 2005, I would change the name of my vanilla ice cream on a whim, even though the recipe never changed. Its first name was Mmmm Vanilla. It was sometimes the alliterative Very Vanilla. At other times, it was Mad Vanilla. It took some months before I settled into Madagascar Vanilla.

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