butterscotch pecan

if we never come up with a better flavor, i'm sure you'll understand why

usda certified organic
  • Pint

    16 oz
  • Serving Size: 1/2 cup (85g)
  • Calories230
  • Calories from Fat140
  • Total Fat15g
  • Saturated Fat9g
  • Trans Fat0g
  • Cholesterol60mg
  • Sodium115mg
  • Total Carbohydrate21g
  • Dietary Fiber0g
  • Sugars20g
  • Protein3g

organic milk, organic cream, organic butterscotch (organic cane sugar, organic heavy cream, water, organic butter (organic cream, salt), organic dark brown sugar, salt, organic caramelized sugar syrup), organic cane sugar, organic nonfat milk, organic pecans, organic egg yolks, organic canola oil, organic vanilla extract.

The Story

For the real scoop on Three Twins’ flavors, we went straight to the source: Founding Twin Neal Gottlieb. Here’s what he says about our naturally great blend, Butterscotch Pecan.

I am often asked to name my favorite flavor, which is a question I dodge in a cliché manner. Expecting an answer would be like expecting a mother to name her favorite child. (Despite much prodding, my mother still refuses to admit that I’m her favorite. She doesn’t even name me to the top three, for that matter...) True, I sometimes say,” That’s more of a third date question,” but it’s really not a question that I answer. I am as biased as they come, but I really feel like we are making great stuff and that the best flavor is the one in your mouth.

That said, you would be INSANE not to try Butterscotch Pecan (unless of course you are allergic to any of the delicious things contained within). It is some of my proudest work.

Data doesn’t lie. And ice cream data most oft shows butter pecan in the top 10 of flavors. But, what this sales data doesn’t tell you is that butter pecan is crap. Yes, noble reader, despite “crap” being among my most favorite words, I have waited for this, my 17th flavor description, to unleash it. Flavorings, artificial and otherwise, are sadly endemic in this flavor of yore, and that pretty much made it off-limits for my puritanical pursuits.

Having a policy against serving you, my dear customer and handsome being, crap, I had to find a better way. Butterscotch, a close cousin of our most popular flavor, Sea Salted Caramel (and containing no actual Scotch, unlike this writer), was the natural choice. Coupled with pecans, Butterscotch Pecan is exponentially delicious. It might very well be your mama’s favorite and is certainly worthy of a third date. Seal the deal and take some Butterscotch Pecan home tonight.

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