Ice Cream For Acres

Ice Cream For Acres
Land preserved so far:

In 2011, Three Twins launched an innovative land conservation initiative called Ice Cream for Acres. Through the program, we donate money to land preservation efforts around the globe each time we sell a cup, pint or squround of packaged ice cream. The purchase of a 1.5-quart squround conserves at least 12 square feet of land. For each pint sold, at least six square feet are saved. And, for each single-serve cup, we’re preserving at least two square feet of rainforests, sensitive habitats and other significant spaces.

We started Ice Cream for Acres to conserve land, of course, but also to demonstrate how small efforts can make a great impact. Plus, we’re extending our reach by partnering with some terrific non-profit organizations.

One of our first Ice Cream for Acres collaborations is with Global Wildlife Conservation, a Texas-based organization that protects land tracts populated by threatened species. Together, we funded the purchase of 100 acres in Colombia’s Choco region, home to the endangered Golden Poison Frog and Gorgeted Puffleg hummingbird. Check back often for updates on how much land we’ve purchased, and what sorts of species we’re saving – and thank you for supporting Ice Cream for Acres!

Luis Felipe Barrera, Ubernei Garcia Usme, and Alonso Quevedo of ProAves-Colombia with cloudforest in background
Rainforest habitat, Choco Department, Colombia
Alonso Quevedo, Director General of GWC's partnering organization, ProAves-Colombia, with a new species of toad he discovered during the expedition
New species of toad with red eyes discovered by Alonso Quevedo of ProAves-Colombia during expedition to Choco Department, Colombia.