Flavors and Products

Three Twins Ice Cream is organic, but not in a sprouts-and-flaxseed, hippy dippy kind of way. Instead, we craft classic flavors with surprising twists that make them our own.

Our Mint Confetti uses real dark chocolate flecks instead of waxy chips. Our Strawberry incorporates a splash of balsamic vinegar. Our Cookies and Cream starts with a Madagascar Vanilla base, and then we pulverize organic sandwich crèmes before adding cookie chunks.

Whatever flavor you choose, you'll enjoy a best-in-class treat that is inconceivably delicious.

Three Twins offers the United States' most expansive line of organic ice cream, with 21 flavors in pints, six flavors in single-serve cups, and six flavors in a 1 quart size. Our packaged goods reach stores nationwide through natural food, specialty, conventional and convenience store channels, as well as partnerships with major grocers. We also offer all of our flavors in bulk containers suitable for restaurant and scoop shop service.