Where did the company get its name?

Before writing the business plan for Three Twins Ice Cream, Founding Twin Neal Gottlieb was sharing an apartment with his twin brother, Carl, and Carl’s wife, Liz, who is also a twin. The trio dubbed their apartment “Three Twins” and when it came time to start the company, Neal knew just what to call it.

Are you hiring?

YES! We are looking to expand our team, for all available positions visit our Careers Page.

We also post new openings on our social media channels (Twitter & Facebook), LinkedIn and Craigslist — follow us to see what career opportunities we’re offering!

What is Neal’s favorite flavor?

That would be like asking Neal’s mom which son is her favorite. It’s a question that really can’t be answered.

What is Three Twins’ best-selling flavor?

Madagascar Vanilla is our best-selling packaged flavor — Sea Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream compete for the second best-selling flavor.

How many flavors do you make?

Three Twins Ice Cream makes 17 packaged flavors, available in pints. Some flavors are also sold in quarts and single-serve cups. We also make novelties, including sundae cones and ice cream sandwiches. We serve these flavors, plus many seasonal and specialty flavors at our scoop shops.

We also offer a low fat, low calorie ice cream line: SlimTwinIceCream.com

And we offer a family-friendly sized line: MaxinesIceCream.com

Who took those terrific photographs of Neal, the team, and the inconceivably delicious ice cream pictures?

The images of Neal and the team were shot by photographer, Michael B. Woolsey, MichaelBWoolsey.com

Lifestyle images of Maxine’s Ice Cream and Slim Twin Ice Cream were shot by Carol Vaziri, CarolVaziri.com

Packaging photos were shot by Paul Simcock, PaulSimcock.com

Company Questions

Do you cater?

Three Twins no longer offers catering.  But if you are working with a caterer for your event, have them contact us (sales@threetwins.com) about getting Three Twins Ice Cream to serve at your event.

My organization is hosting an event. Would you donate ice cream as a raffle or auction item?

Please contact donations@ThreeTwins.com to request a donation form.

Do you give factory tours?

Unfortunately, no. For health and safety reasons, we cannot offer tours of our factories to the public.

My organization is hosting a bachelor auction. Is Neal available to be auctioned off?

Although we cannot speak to Neal’s relationship status here, he has always dreamed of being auctioned off (and also of jumping out of a cake) for charity. Please contact customerservice@ThreeTwins.com for additional information.

Sales and Distribution

Are you going to open additional stores?

Three Twins Ice Cream owns and operates two scoop shops in Northern California (Napa & Larkspur), we are currently not looking for additional locations.

I am an ice cream distributor interested in selling Three Twins Ice Cream. How can we get started?

We sell directly to distributors in all 50 states, and to some international exporters. Please contact our sales team at sales@ThreeTwins.com for additional information.

Can I purchase ice cream and have it delivered?

Yes! You can purchase directly from us here, http://shop.threetwinsicecream.com/

I am interested in selling your ice cream at my store. How can we get started?

Please contact our sales team at sales@ThreeTwins.com for additional information.

Product Information

What does it mean to be organic?

“Organic” is regulated by the USDA, and refers to the way products are grown and processed. In short, organic foods are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals. Organic foods cannot be genetically modified and cannot contain artificial colors or artificial flavors. They also cannot be treated with sewage sludge (who would have thought non-organic food could be treated with sewage sludge? Yuck). The National Organic Program, instituted in 2003, includes a system for production, processing, distribution and sales — to learn more about organic, visit the Organic Trade Organization website.

Do you sell your ice cream base/mix?

Yes, we sell our ice cream base/mix. Please contact our sales team at sales@ThreeTwins.com for additional information.

Do you use homogenized milk?

Our entire organic ice cream base of milk, cream, sugar, and eggs is homogenized.

How do you pasteurize your ice cream base mix?

We use a batch pasteurization process, which consists of slowly cooking the ice cream mix in a large tank. Hot water, is used to heat the base mix. We use a batch process, not a continuous process, because it is the most gentle on milk proteins and gives the ice cream base mix a delicious custardy taste.

What do you use to sweeten your ice cream?

Three Twins ice creams are sweetened with organic cane sugar; we like cane sugar for its neutral taste. The cane sugar resembles white sugar, but it is less processed and retains an amber hue due to the presence of molasses.

Why don’t you sweeten your ice cream with Stevia?

Frankly, we don’t like the taste of Stevia. We only use ingredients that positively contribute to the inconceivably delicious taste of Three Twins Ice Cream.

Is your ice cream pasteurized?

Yes. We pasteurize our ice cream base mix, including the milk, cream, and eggs yolks. We start with those ingredients in their raw forms, and the base mix is pasteurized during the production process.

Is your ice cream produced in a peanut and tree nut free facility?

With the exception of our sugar cones and cake cones, all of our products are manufactured in the same facilities. As some of our products do contain peanuts and/or tree nuts, cross contamination can happen. However, we make painstaking efforts to ensure that our equipment is cleaned and sanitized between each batch. Additionally, we produce our flavors with nuts at the end of the day to lower the risk of cross contamination.

Is your ice cream kosher?

Yes, the majority of Three Twins Ice Cream products are kosher.  Please see individual product labels for the OU-D kosher symbol.

Do you have vegan/non-dairy choices?

We try to always offer at least one vegan sorbet and one vegan rice milk flavor at our Three Twins scoop shops. Additionally, our sugar cones and cake cones are vegan. We do not offer a packaged line of vegan/ non-dairy frozen desserts at this time, but perhaps we will in the future!

Does your ice cream contain eggs?

Yes. Three Twins ice creams and sherbets contain eggs. Our sorbets and rice milk specialty flavors, sold in our scoops shops are vegan, and therefore egg-free. Our wafer sandwiches do not contain eggs.

Does your ice cream contain soy?

Flavors and novelties that are made with melted chocolate, such as Mint Confetti and Mocha Difference, contain a small amount of organic soy oil that helps melt the chocolate. Flavors that include cookies also contain a small about of organic soy as an ingredient in the cookies. In addition, Vanilla Chocolate Chip and any other flavors made with chocolate chips contain soy lecithin. Please consult the ingredient statement and allergen warning on the packaging, or contact customerservice@ThreeTwins.com for additional information.

Does your ice cream contain caffeine?

There is approximately 20-30 mg. of caffeine per 4 fl. oz. of ice cream in our Three Twins Ice Cream Milk Coffee flavor, this amounts to approximately one cup of coffee per pint.

This also applies to our Slim Twin Ice Cream Coffee flavor.

Our Maxine’s Ice Cream  Coffee flavor has about 25% more caffeine than our other two product lines, but it is also in a larger 1.5 quart format.

Lastly, there is about 60 mg. of caffeine per pint in our chocolate flavors, such as Bittersweet Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Orange Confetti.

Does your ice cream contain stabilizers?

The ice cream base in our packaged cups, pints, and quarts, as well as our bulk sizes, does not contain stabilizers. Our novelty products, sorbets, sherbets and non-dairy “ice creams” contain certified organic, plant-based stabilizers out of necessity.

Does your ice cream contain gluten?

Flavors and novelties that contain cookies and malt, contain gluten. Our other flavors do not typically have gluten as an ingredient, except for some specialty scoop shop flavors that contain pieces of waffle cone or other such ingredients. All Three Twins ice cream is made on the same equipment, and while we take steps to avoid cross-contamination, it is still possible. Please consult the ingredient statement and allergen warning on the packaging, or contact customerservice@ThreeTwins.com for additional information.

Where can I find the expiration date on your products?

On our pints and quarts, the expiration date is stamped of the bottom of the cartons. It will read as six numbers, followed by a single letter, either P or S. The P indicates that the product was manufactured in Petaluma,A; the S is for Sheboygan, WI.

On our novelties, the date can be found on the tops of the boxes.

Are the cows that provide your dairy ingredients treated with hormones?

No. All organic ice cream is certified to be rBST and antibiotic free. The USDA’s National Organic Program require dairy cows to receive organic health care for at least 12 months before a herd is certified as organic. In particular, the animals must not be given hormones, such as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), or antibiotics.

What is the difference between ice cream, sorbet and sherbet?

According to federal law, ice cream is made with cow’s milk and contains between 10 and 18 percent milk fat, with no more than 100 percent overrun, which is the percent of air that gets mixed in. Three Twins makes ice cream with 14 percent milk fat and about 50% overrun. Sherbet contains between 1 and 2 percent milk fat. Sorbets do not contain milk fat, though they are not always vegan because some manufacturers include egg whites. All Three Twins sorbets are vegan, and we also offer vegan rice milk based specialty flavors at our scoop shops.

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