We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of amazing ice cream.

We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of amazing ice cream.

The Tale of
Three Twins

Three Twins was born in San Rafael, California in 2005 when Founding Twin Neal Gottlieb set out to craft delicious, affordable and accessible ice cream exclusively using incredible organic ingredients.

Before writing the business plan for Three Twins Ice Cream, Founding Twin Neal Gottlieb was sharing an apartment with his twin brother, Carl, and Carl’s wife, Liz, who is also a twin. The trio dubbed their apartment “Three Twins” and when it came time to start the company, Neal knew just what to call it.

Though it’s been a pretty great ride for more than a decade, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some bumps along the way: landlords too nervous to take a chance on an ice cream entrepreneur with little money and limited experience, 90-hour weeks making and selling scoops and trying to keep a business afloat, cold, rainy winters (remember those?) with dismal sales.

But after a couple of years, things began to take off. Restaurants came calling. We started selling at the Berkeley Farmers' Market and began packing pints to sell in area supermarkets.

Today, our ice cream is produced in Petaluma, California and Sheboygan, Wisconsin ice cream factories, and sold in all fifty states and beyond. We offer the most expansive line of organic ice cream in the country, including 23 flavors of pints, quarts, single-serve cups and ice cream novelties.

And though we’ve grown, our mission remains: To produce inconceivably delicious organic ice cream that is affordable and accessible while giving back. Everything we produce is still organic and we serve our scoops in compostable dishes with compostable spoons. We still enjoy what we do. And we love making our customers’ lives just a little sweeter.-

We're committed to creating a healthy planet. Learn More.

Rainforest habitat, Choco Department, Colombia

Ice Cream For Acres

In 2011, Three Twins launched an innovative land conservation initiative called Ice Cream for Acres. Through the program, you help protect rainforest land, sensitive habitats, and other significant spaces, whenever you purchase Three Twins Ice Cream. Whenever you purchase a pint of our ice cream, you’re protecting 6 square feet, the purchase of a quart saves even more. And, for each single-serve cup, we’re preserving at least two square feet.

We started Ice Cream for Acres to conserve land, but also to demonstrate how such a seemingly insignificant choice such as which ice cream to buy can have a meaningful impact.

Learn more about our non-profit partner in purchasing land, Global Wildlife.

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