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Neal Gottlieb believes everybody deserves to eat inconceivably delicious organic ice cream. In 2005, he set out to make this a reality with one small scoop shop and has since grown Three Twins to a national brand sold by retailers across the country.

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Back to Basics

We combine organic ingredients: milk and cream with sugar and eggs to make our own simple ice cream base. We only use ingredients that will make our ice cream delicious and leave out those that do not.

The Quirk Factor

Three Twins Founding Twin, Neal Gottlieb, wears his heart on his sleeve and pints on his pants.

Three Twins Factories

We can create  over 30,000 pints of packaged, seasonal and specialty ice cream flavors every day between our two factories.

Chocolate Chip Check

We use close to 1,000,000 chips in one full day’s production run of our Vanilla Chocolate Chip ice cream

Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

“They are developed in-house. It’s not actually that hard to make good ice cream if you use good ingredients and leave out the crap.” – Neal Gottlieb

USDA Certified Organic

We take pride in only offering organic products. Three Twins currently offers the United States’ most expansive line of organic ice cream.

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In the press

land preserved to date

sq. ft.

Whenever you purchase a pint of our ice cream, you’re protecting 6 square feet of rainforests, sensitive habitats and other significant spaces. The purchase of a quart saves even more.

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